Draw upon your inner strength. * Reach out. Laugh. *Accept challenges * Cry * Feel your strength. * Celebrate *


* Listen to your heart * Find your rhythm *
* Allow quiet time * Be inspired * Respond to the pain *
* Breath * Move *
* Ask for what you need * Release the tension *


* Trust the process * Breathe * Let go of fear * Be present* * Sing * Moan * Dance * Open your heart * Imagine *
* Transcend self-doubt * Embrace the experience * Hug *


*     *     *     *    *    *    *     *    *


Meditation for Pregnancy & Birth


Close your eyes...feel your breath move in and out of your body.  Lifting your baby up and gently lowering him back.


With each breath, find a part of your body and release it to the earth...

let gravity pull out any tension.

Your shoulders...your neck...your lower back...your pelvis...your legs...your neck...your lower back...your pelvis...your legs...your face...your hands and feet...


Feel your baby respond to your calm...and space...Everything you feel, your baby also feels.

When your uterus contracts, your baby moves down, moving it’s head to find the perfect fit...seeking comfort within you.


When you vocalize, your baby hears your voice and is comforted...


When you breathe, your baby learns your rhythm, and will use it when it is his time to breathe...


What your mind thinks, your baby’s mind receives...tell him he is safe...you will take care of him...everything is ok...you will never be alone.


Take this time to be with your baby.

Shut out everything else and just BE.

Welcome your baby into your body, and give him permission to leave when he is ready.


Soon your little one will be a separate person, but for now it’s you.

Your little one is in every movement, thought and feeling.


Breath for your little one.

Bring peace and comfort to your little one.

And be comforted by your little one.


Feel your breath rise and fall with your baby...


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