the act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, assisting women and their families prenatally, during labor, childbirth and after. 

Doula-ing the Doulas...
the act of educating, inspiring, respecting, listening, encouraging, supporting and connecting with other doulas, both new and experienced, in a safe space for discussing routine and challenging situations.

Birthing Beyond, LLC supports newly trained doulas as they change the world, one birth at a time.  Having a safe place to come for support, guidance, reassurance and ideas from other doulas, both new and experienced, allows for continued training in the ever changing game of birth.  We connect virtually and face to face to support you along each step of your journey.  As the new become comfortable in their role they are able to support others at the begining of their journey.  We want you to succeed.  We know personal and professional connections provide the neccesary support that so doulas can in turn support their families unconditionally.

What is the
Birthing Beyond, LLC Advantage?


Affordable Training

Begin Doula Work Immediately


Nursing Student Friendly

Continued support after workshop

Midwife, OB, Nurse and Partner Endorsed

Local Resources

Experienced and Balanced Instructor

Comprehensive Training and Current Materials

Evidence-Based Practice

Experienced Doula Crossover Training
Can Provide References as you start out
Can Provide Referrals if requested
Discounted Advanced Doula Trainings

What is the
DONA International Advantage?


Worldwide Recognition

Original and Largest Doula Association

Founders are Renowned Experts

Evidence-Based Research

Respected Certification

High Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics

Professional Development




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