Rave Reviews
Rave Reviews
"VANESSA ROCKS!  What great info presented BRILLIANTLY!  I feel so empowered.  Thank you." 

"Best experience ever." 

"Such an amazing educator."

"Couldn't of been any better!"

"It was awesome!"

"Wonderful!  Her knowledge and expertise made wating to be a doula contagious!  Beautifuly done!" 

"Vanessa was wonderful!  Used lots of great examples, gave lots of tips, etc."  Rated a 5 out of a 1-4 rating.

"Fantastic!  Learned lots & had fun doing it!"

"Vanessa has a great respect for the hospitals, nurses, clients and in keeping information confidential.  Made me feel welcome and comfortable in asking questions.  Have already reccommended a friend to the upcoming class."

"She did a very good job.  I am a hands on learner.  She was great and very open to questions & comments."

"Lots of hands ons and toys!"

"Far and beyond this was a very rewarding training workshop.  Love the material.  Vanessa was amazing."

"Vanessa was an amazing instructor!"  

"I appreciated that Vanessa was ALWAYS open to questions!"

"I learned so much more than I thought i would!  I really feel ready to support mothers after this training.  Vanessa is brilliant and such a blessing!  I asked so many questions and Vanessa was so patient."

"Vanessa was excellent about participants asking questions and giving amazing answers."

"I am so happy I met Vanessa and know that I can refer to her at anytime."

"This weekend was one of the most rewarding of my life!  Thank you for everything!"

"Vanessa is very professional in her work.  Very informative, resourceful, realistic and encouraging." 

"Amazing!  Thank you!"

"Great at answering all questions...Her home was our home...Phenomenal--full of information and great ability to share it!"

"Broad range of info-loved that important info was reiterated and yet so much is explained...supplemental materials are spectacular--would have been willing to pay so much for this, and a love of support for fellow women was liberally utilized throughtout training.  Brilliant at spending time with each trainee and giving individualized critique and advice.  Healthy respect for all roles, especially health care providers.  Wish I could bottle her essence and inspire others with her passion and encouragement!"

"So many awesome/valuable handouts!  So happy I did it!"

"Vanessa went over and above to create a learning environment that included visual aides, hands-on experiences, great videos, a valuable notebook + printed materials as well as outstanding snacks.  :)"

"You were so welcoming and I appreciate your different learning style demos!"

"The snacks and breaks were so helpful, the props were great and I loved the comfy home environment."

"Really happy to have book from my amazon list :)" 

"The Best!! Made me feel very comfortable.  I felt t home and at ease w/out anxiety (normal for me in group setting)"

I'd give you 100 / 5's (rating 1-5).  I am so grateful to have had Vanessa as an instructor.  She's AMAZING!

Vanessa is great!  I wish training was longer!  She has so much knowledge!

This training was amazing!  
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