Birthing Beyond, LLC classes are designed to give you the most current, evidence based information on healthy pregnancies, the birth process and getting off to the best start.  I belive that you should have a comprehensive class that covers everything you may encounter as birth can be an unexpected adventure.  By laying out all your options and choices you can eliminate a lot of anxiety and stress during the big day.

I start by painting a picture of labor for you--separating out what you have heard from friends, seen on tv or read in books-- and share with you what people really do in labor.  We will discuss a little bit of anatomy and physiology (or how baby rotates down and out) and create a personalized game plan for labor.  We spend time finding your comfort level with laboring at home, when to go to the hospital/birth center or have your midwife come to your home.

Next we will go over how to navigate the hospital world--what to expect the moment you walk through the doors, how all the stuff works, what it looks like and why it would be needed; along with all of your options and choices.  We will discuss pain medications (IV narcotics and epidural)--how they work and how to know the best time to use them.  We will come up with great discussion questions for your OB/Midwife/Doula so that everyone is on the same page by the time you have a baby. 

We will wrap up with what to expect with baby after birth.  You will also learn how to make decisions when faced with the unexpected, because let's face it, labor is one big unexpected day!  I am also available after class for any additional questions/concerns that may arise before baby.  By discovering your own "maternal/paternal wisdom" you can create an amazing Baby Day you will be proud of for the rest of your life!

Private Class Options
(Classes offered in Johnson county and the KC metro area)

My Comprehensive Childbirth Class is perfect for first time parents whose schedules cannot accomodate a traditional class or for those who want a more personal experience tailored to your own specific needs.  Sessions include one longer class (4-5hrs) or two shorter classes (2-2.5hrs) depending on needs and location.  $150.
Refresher Class is a great way to focus on your upcoming birth.  We will review your previous experiences and create a plan for welcoming this baby into the world.  We will also discuss ways to make a smooth transition for big sibling(s).  One session (2-2.5hrs)  $75.

For those of you planning for a
VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) I have a private class for you.  We discuss and review your last birth experience, birthing options, risk reductions, chances of success, and what to expect during the process.  I work with many VBAC friendly careproviders and can help you find one if needed.  $150/without prior labor  $75/with prior labor

If multiples are in your future this
Twin Class is a perfect opportunity to get all your questions answered.  We will focus on all the basic childbirth class items in addition to eating well for your babies, managing preterm labor, your delivery options and what to expect the first month.  This class can be taken early in your pregnancy to get off to the best start possible.  I can also connect you with other twin moms to begin building your multiple community.  $150.

If you would like to get nursing off to a great start, my
Breastfeeding Class is a perfect start!  We wil go over what to expect after birth, positioning and latch.  We will discuss how to know baby is getting plenty, when to introduce bottles, how and when to pump and any other questions you may have.  Class comes with a $25 coupon for Birthing Beyond, LLC's lactation package if needed or  fee can be rolled into the "Let's Do This!" package at any time.

You can sign up below I will contact you to schedule and make sure I can meet your needs.  Please do not make payment until we are confirmed.  
*Sometimes location or timing can limit my ability to schedule.  If unable to schedule I will refer you to other class options. 

Childbirth Class Options

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